26 April 2010

Aero: Apache in Iraq

A new friend of CTWG PA (adopted through Soldiers Angels) and past CAP 1Lt pilot from AZ sends these photos of life in Iraq as a Crew Chief on an Apache Longbow Crew.

22 April 2010

Aero: Secret space plane blasts off

The United States Air Force's secretive X-37B robotic space plane blasted off from Florida late Thursday on a mystery mission shrouded in secrecy for the U.S. military.

The unmanned military Orbital Test Vehicle 1 (OTV-1) – also known as the X-37B – lifted off at 7:52 p.m. EDT (2352 GMT) atop an Atlas 5 rocket on a mission that is expected to take months testing new spacecraft technologies.

The X-37B is a reusable robotic space plane built by Boeing Phantom Works. Its mission is being carried out under the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office with participation by NASA. More here....

Key objectives of the space plane's first flight include demonstration and validation of guidance, navigation and control systems – including a "do-it-itself" autonomous re-entry and landing at California's Vandenberg Air Force Base with neighboring Edwards Air Force Base as a backup.

The X-37B is the first vehicle since NASA's space shuttles with the ability to return experiments to Earth for further inspection and analysis, Air Force officials said. [X-37B spacecraft photos.]

16 April 2010

Morale: Stratford Wings and Wheels


Wings & Wheels

May 29 - 30, 2010 Vintage Aircraft and Collector Cars
May 31, 2010 "Memorial Day Classics" Collector Car Show

Food, Fun and Family Activities All Three Days!

14 April 2010

SAFETY: Aviation accident rate declines in the U.S.

Hat tip to NOTF.

With fewer people flying, the number of aviation accidents was down across the U.S., according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

The number of general aviation accidents in the U.S. declined 6% in 2009 to 1,474 accidents, compared to 1,566 the year before. However, the accident rate increased in 2009 to 7.20 per 100,000 flight hours, up from 6.86 in 2008.

12 April 2010

USAF: New COIN aircraft around the services

NAVY Version

An Embrauer EMB-314 Super Tucano used by the Navy for trials as part of the classified "Imminent Fury" program to develop tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance platform to support Special Operations personnel

USAF Version

Earlier this week, Hawker Beechcraft tested a beefed up version of its venerable T-6 Trainer single prop it plans to compete in the LAAR fly-off expected this summer. Designated the AT-6, the two-seater features a new 1600 horse power Pratt & Whitney engine that will give the aircraft a larger weapons and electronic surveillance load out. Read more here...

11 April 2010

CTWG: Mission Impossible - Find the EPIRB...

Reporting and photos supplied by Maj Chris Kelling, CAP.

Not all missions are easy. In this case, the EPIRB recovery mission was exactly like looking for a needle in a haystack. The EPIRB from a recently scrapped boat was finally found after chasing a mysterious signal with both air and ground teams. Factors contributing to the complexity of the search included its location in an industrial area, inside a metal building and under tons of scrap.

Of note, we would like to issue a special thanks to the local workers who carefully used the excavator to dig through the scrap until the seniors and cadets could accomplish the recovery and silence the signal.

CTWG: Connecticut's 801st Cadet Squadron at the State Capital

The New Fairfield cadets participating in this even included, Matthew Busse, Robert Byers, Michael Carneiro, Erica Cellamare, James Colella, James Coppola, Bettymarie Crea, Julianna Davis, Benjamin Dodds, James Froehlich, Joseph Gephart, Michael Hess, Anthony Iacovelli, Ashley Keenan, Chris Lucsky, Christopher Martin, Justin Menke, Jeffrey Plate, Ronald Poore, Daniel Schosser, Brian Wyckoff and Ryan Chapman.

Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell recently presented the General Ira C. Eaker Award to Cadet Ryan Chapman, a junior and commander of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) cadet program at New Fairfield High School. The General Ira C. Eaker Award, which denotes successful completion of all achievements of the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program, is one of the highest honors in the cadet program. The award was named in honor of the late Air Force General Ira C. Eaker, aviation pioneer, career military officer, and one of the chief architects and visionaries of the US Air Force. In conjunction with the award, Cadet Chapman was also promoted to the rank of Cadet Lieutenant Colonel, making him one of the highest ranking CAP cadets in the State of Connecticut.

Cadet Chapman joined CAP as a cadet when he was 13 years old and has been active in the program for the past 4 years. During this time, Chapman has earned numerous emergency services qualifications and has graduated from three Search and Rescue courses, including the team leader course. Chapman trained with the Air Force's elite Pararescuemen (PJs), Special Operations operatives trained to recover downed pilots in combat. Ryan has also earned his wings by graduating from the CAP Glider Academy where he learned to fly gliders. Cadet Chapman was elected as the primary Connecticut representative for the Northeast Region Cadet Advisory Council, a council of CAP cadets representing each state in the Northeast with the mandate of improving the cadet program.

Over the past year, Cadet Chapman was the Cadet Commander of not one squadron cadet program, but two cadet programs simultaneously. As the Cadet Commander of the 399th Composite Squadron (CT-042) at the Danbury Municipal Airport, Chapman’s leadership contributed to a doubling of active cadets in the squadron and the unit earning the Squadron of Merit for the best cadet program in Connecticut Wing for 2009. Cadet Chapman also led the 399th ground team that was credited with finding a distress signal emanating from a fishing vessel on Long Island Sound.

As the Cadet Commander of the 801st Cadet Squadron (CT-801) at New Fairfield High School, Cadet Chapman helped recruit the first cadre of cadets and establish the first school-based cadet program in the State of Connecticut. Although initially established as a flight in 2009, CT-801 has grown to 26 members and was chartered as a cadet squadron in January 2010 signifying the increased membership of the program. Cadet Chapman has been the key to getting this new school-based cadet program started and moving forward as all other members of CT-801, both cadets and teachers, were new CAP members in 2009 when the cadet program was formed.

Information & Photos supplied by Maj Ken Chapman, Commander New Fairfield High School's 801st Cadet Squadron, CAP

CTWG: New Fairfield Honored at the CT State Capital

Maj Ken Chapman, Commander 801st Cadet Squadron, New Fairfield, CT

Hartford, CT: On April 7, the floor of the Connecticut House of Representatives was full of excitement as the cadets of New Fairfield High School were honored as the first school-based Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Cadet Program in the State of Connecticut. The cadets were welcomed to the State Capitol by Representative MaryAnn Carson, Representative Jan Giegler and Senator Mike McLachlan, all of whom are honorary members of Civil Air Patrol holding the rank of Major.

As the cadets stood at attention on the floor of the State House of Representatives, several Representatives gave accolades including Representative Graziani who stated that "these cadets are role models" and thanked the cadets for "giving both to their community and state" as members of Civil Air Patrol. The cadets received a standing round of applause from the entire House of Representatives.

The cadets were given the VIP treatment during their visit to the Capitol which included a tour of the Capitol Building, the opportunity to explore the Senate Chamber, discussions with their representatives and an awards ceremony with Governor Jodi Rell in her personal office.

The following cadets participated in the event: Robert Byers, Michael Carneiro, Erica Cellamare, James Colella, James Coppola, Bettymarie Crea, Julianna Davis, Benjamin Dodds, James Froehlich, Joseph Gephart, Michael Hess, Anthony Iacovelli, Ashley Keenan, Chris Lucsky, Christopher Martin, Justin Menke, Jeffrey Plate, Daniel Schosser, Brian Wyckoff and Ryan Chapman. Accompanying the cadets were Assistant Principal & CAP Captain Mike Chapleau, Assistant Principal & CAP Captain Scott Rohwedder, CAP Senior Member Chris Keenan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Education & CAP Major Ken Chapman, and New Fairfield Selectman Susan Chapman.

The Civil Air Patrol Cadet program at New Fairfield High School has been an overwhelming success with the program expected to double in size next year with over 40 students expressing interested in participating in the program for the 2010-2011 school year.

04 April 2010

USAF: Cyber journalism, 30 Days in Afghanistan

Two Airmen traveled Afghanistan for 30 days and video blogged the trip, day by day. For what is really going on, go here...

03 April 2010

USAF: Air Force to launch robotic winged space plane

LOS ANGELES – After a decade of development, the Air Force this month plans to launch a robotic spacecraft resembling a small space shuttle to conduct technology tests in orbit and then glide home to a California runway.

The ultimate purpose of the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle and details about the craft, which has been passed between several government agencies, however, remain a mystery as it is prepared for launch April 19 from Cape Canaveral,FL. More Here....

02 April 2010

CTWG: Connecticut’s Civil Air Patrol Fly’s Missions to Test Disaster and Homeland Security Readiness

The above aerial photos show properly performing infrastructure in the Barkhamstead area (top) and at the Stevenson Dam, Oxford, CT (bottom).

Photos by various volunteer CAP, CT Wing Air Crews

2 April, 2010 CONNECTICUT – Flooding damage across Connecticut is wide spread after the State received record rainfall this spring and specifically over the last few days. Ground water tables being saturated, high amounts of rain affected even normally dry areas resulting in wide spread flooding. Areas East of Hartford into Rhode Island were the hardest hit with roads and bridges undermined. Localized street and home basement flooding was widely reported

Launching multiple sorties today and yesterday, two Civil Air Patrol, Cessna 182 aircraft crewed with volunteer Pilots, Observers, Mission Scanners and Tactical Photographers from Connecticut Squadron’s tested out information gathering and dissemination techniques including tactical infrastructure photography. These images were transferred to CT Wing Headquarters-Operations, the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security here in Connecticut and to First Air Force at Tyndall Air Force Base, Panama City, Florida for analysis.

In this controlled simulation CAP air crews were looking for areas of strategic importance that may need immediate assistance as well as gathering general documentation for possible federal disaster assessments. The object of the test included examination of aerial photo resolution as well as the security and quality of various data transmission methodologies.

If air or ground forces were immediately needed, the 700 plus members of the all volunteer Connecticut senior and cadet squadrons stand ready to deploy 24/7/365. They are trained for search and rescue as well as disaster services and food and shelter assistance and can provide manual labor for emergency activities such as sand bagging.

The above simulated disaster services exercises were conducted as part of a grant by the Connecticut Department of Emergency Management Services, Homeland Security. The grant is administered by Major Jack Shapiro (CAP) serving as the tests Incident Commander.