17 May 2009

DoD: Happy Armed Forces Day!

On Saturday, May 16th, we pause to commemorate Armed Forces Day and pay tribute to all active duty servicemembers, National Guardsmen and reservists, who, through the thickest of wars and greatest of crises, have raised their hands high to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The theme of this year’s Armed Forces Day, “United in Strength” – seems especially fitting to me, personally – for in my nearly 45 years of wearing the uniform, I have rarely seen our nation and our military as united in common purpose, spirit, and understanding as I do, right now.

For that commitment and that unity, I am grateful to our civilian leadership, as well as our hometowns and local communities. The virtue of serving a cause greater than self is a public virtue, one which is still just as revolutionary as it was during our nation’s founding.

In now our eighth year of war, our armed forces stand as one of the most combat-hardened forces in our history. Yet their uplifting enthusiasm and resilience never cease to inspire. I know – we all know – that this spirit has everything to do with your support. It is a sea of goodwill which lifts the spirits of every military servicemember and family, in times difficult and good. It is that same support and encouragement we cannot do without.

To the more than two million soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and their families, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and I extend our heartfelt thanks for your service. And to the nation we serve – we humbly thank you for your unstinting devotion – and for the opportunity to represent the spirit you share so generously, all across the globe.


Admiral, U.S. Navy

Current Events: Sunday SITREP

The head lines of the world,in no particular order...

SRI LANKA: Tamil Tigers lay down arms ending long time revolt.

PAKISTAN: Pakistan vows to invade Swat and attack Bin Ladin, Al Queida and Taliban

FRANCE: French First Lady tours Paris slums in disguise

ISRAEL: US policy changes cause friction in US, ISRAEL and all of Mid-East.

VENZUELA: Chavez about to complete total media seizure

INDIA: Ruling party wins big victory

RUSSIA: President Obama to visit Russia

IRAN: Rivals toe to toe in Presidential election. Is one pro-american?